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Lessons from a South Beach Fairy Tale

Catherine Esposito Prescott

Where we live it is not so much boy meets girl,
as girl meets man who commands her to make
a child, find a nanny and get her nails done,
then her nose, then her boobs; tighten her body
like a corset; make her bones small for wind
to whistle through; shrink-wrapped in heels,
she wouldn’t survive a steak dinner let alone
a category-one hurricane, but she loves his yacht,
and his view. Did she mention the panoramic view,
how you can see the curve where ocean and sky meet,
the what’s it called again? The housekeeper answers:
The horizon where vision meets notions of the infinite.
Gracias, Maria, she sighs, I was always taught
the earth was round, but now I know for sure.

Catherine Esposito Prescott

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