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House Of String

Grace Cavalieri

Anima, Anna's twin, died at birth. Now she was her
Angel of Contradiction.
"An Ambitious woman is a sad woman, "
Anima said. She corrected everything Anna did.
An angel with envy? Against the Law of gravity,
she appeared in the mirror saying "Do God's works."
Anna knew only God could do God's works,
and said so. Anima laughed that broken crystal laugh.
Dear Abby, Anna wrote. I have
this frigging Angel whispering
in my ear saying abortion is against
the law, saying I got an award I didn't deserve,
saying eye shadow is out of style.

Anna wished her name were STAR BUCKS
Wouldn't that be beautiful? Then she
could sell latte with a tear
in the foam and charge extra.
She always knew Anima was around before she came.
A flock of ravens would gather on the roof.
If each person's relationship to another
was a piece of string. And it went from one to the other...
like the drama coach said..
Well who held up Anima's part?
Anima sang a song right in Anna's ear. She was a
bright light in Anna's head that wouldn't go off.
Anima was an animal always inside,
awake, ready to pounce on Anna.
After the Award ceremony, Anna's mother had
grabbed the silver loving cup. When Anna grabbed
The trophy back, it was hot with her mother's hand.
Anna dropped it. She didn't want it anymore.
Anima sang "Oh the love of the ideal" all night long.
"Oh the love of the perfect face keeps us from
loving people" sing sing sing...
"Hollywood is where you go to die"
String string string... Anna wanted to climb inside
the blue noxema glass and sleep blue
never wake up.

Grace Cavalieri

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