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Wealth Talent Fame

Grace Cavalieri

The toilet brush
fell out of its socket as Anna Nicole walked by.
Anima must be around.
Anna's twin sister, dead at birth,
claimed to be a helping angel,
Anima was as helpful
as brown age specks on Anna's hands.
If Anna said 'we couldn't ask for prettier weather'
Anima said We Can Always Ask For More.
She kept hunger in the house that way.
Anna felt so cheerful on her way to get pink and
blue baby chicks. For Easter. She'd had them dyed
for the occasion.
By the mailbox lay Anima flat down in the mud,
wings crumpled and brown. Anna gasped.
Anima jumped up, Got You! She gave Anna a box of dead
chickens. Died For Easter ! For our Sins.!

Anna and Anima
froze into a single memory
of what they would always become.
Anna's light was gone from Anima's eyes. Anna's voice
was gone, too, whimpering,
gasping, calling for her maid, "Rescinda, Oh Rescinda."

Grace Cavalieri

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