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In Thirteen Parks

Craig Morgan Teicher


Good morning Tree! And how
                                           shall I proceed such that
                                           a stream comes careening
                                           through the sky across

                                           my view here at the
                                           window and stops dead in

                                           the air suspended like
                                           a magic carpet?

Is this the question
I meant to ask?
                      No, not at all—
I wanted to write something
interesting, and this came to mind.


I'm not sure if
these poems are
working, which, perhaps

is an indicator
that something new
is taking hold


or perhaps

it means
that these
              poems aren't working.


This poem is addressed to the ghost of a horse.


This poem believes
in unicorns
and other things
girls believe.


No. It
believes in


This poem is
in dialogue with
                  its author

though it records only
its half of
           the conversation.


It is Saturday. Bring out
my friends.


Part nine
          is the
least important.


Part four is the most


Since its composition,
part ten
            has surpassed
part four
            in importance.


Think of this as
part thirteen.


No horse
will ever address
the ghost

of a poem
the ghost of Walt Whitman
is anyone's ghost,

and anyone's poem
is his poem.


Think of this as part


Think of this as

Craig Morgan Teicher

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