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from Especially, Death

Neil de la Flor


Only when his beloved companion Patroklos (Hector) is killed by the Trojan prince
          Hector (Patroklos) does Achilles return to battle, smoldering for revenge.

Today, the inner city,
          Greeks and Trojans as gangs, governed by private codes of desperate glory, lay
          waste to each other’s young manhood; begin

Watching television reports from Mogadishu after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.
          Mines fit into redskin leather pants. Wake up make sure still alive. God scream.
          Drive the windows closed. Oh, no. Shhhh.

Alive after dog sleep,
          on his back, licks my bare toes. Antique Singer sewing machine with golden
          sphinx. Underwood typewriter. Charcoal sketches and sepia prints. Wonder
          where, Toto? As roosters cross the inner city, a gang of cats struts backwards
          while Patroklos (as Hector) dances with Achilles desktop.

Neil de la Flor

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