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from Especially, Death

Neil de la Flor


One time Mom and I flew to New York where there were hookers in redskin leather pants
          battling on Broadway and I thought the plane would crash on the way when
          lightning struck it and the Statue of Liberty almost poked me in the eye.

Famous Trojan War fought between Greeks and Trojans over Helen (a Broadway
          hooker), the runaway wife of the King of Sparta (Dad), buried somewhere far in
          northwestern Turkey.

Once, in my father’s studio,
          when I was eighteen or nineteen, I drew some peers but they kept getting smaller
          and smaller so my father got irritated and said, Not as you see them. And he
          corrected them to life-size. I tried to do them as he did but I couldn’t help rubbing
          so I rubbed them and half an hour later my peers were exactly this:

Only when his beloved companion Alberto Giacometti (as Patroklos) is killed by the
          Trojan prince Salvador Dalí (as Hector) does Albert Einstein (as Achilles) return
          to battle, smoldering for revenge.

And just like that things changed.

Neil de la Flor

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