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from Especially, Death

Neil de la Flor


On my way to battle I stopped in Barcelona to visit Nina (Helen of Troy) and Pierre
          (King of Sparta) because I figured since the plane didn’t crash why not. Even
          though I didn't really want to thank god I did because I had time to kill before the
          sticky paella. That’s when skydivers opened their parachutes and landed around
          us as the rusty Mercedes sped through the Pyrenees of pinks and blues and
          yellows on our way to meet Alberto at Dalí’s in Port Lligat before we drove to
          Cadaques to play chess with Duchamp and climbed the slippery slopes and rocks
          till the sun sank behind the ancient lighthouse of Cap de Creus as we rolled down
          the jagged cliffs into the Mediterranean while Albert barked running circles
          around us as we rubbed our legs together, smoldering.

Neil de la Flor

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