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from Especially, Death

Neil de la Flor


Mom stayed home the other day when I went to Broadway and there were no hookers
          except Liza so I walked into Sephora and bought Givenchy Forward and smelled
          like Greece singing Cabaret for a while until the subway to Brooklyn landed in

Liza was sweating, smoking for revenge.


Achilles (Albert) returned from battle after avenging his beloved companion Patroklos
          (Hector/Salvador) by killing Hector (Patroklos/Alberto), and retired to his wife
          (Liza) on top a quaint snowcap-less mountain near Paris, whispering Patroklos,

While he hung, he laid wasted in his lover’s young manhood. Einstein undressed. 11
          degrees Celsius. Ate chocolate croissants and Apricot Nectar. Walked around
          rue de Rivoli on Giacometti’s skinny leg. Cold drizzly rain went to the Gap and
          found this fabulous baby blue sweater wondering why Paris is a green leather
          trench coat. Albert (Einstein) realized Alberto (Giacometti) wouldn’t meet him
          (Salvador) at Café Kat no matter how much he liked kitties so I called Salvador
          in Barcelona for advice and he said, come home and eat

The best grilled squid ever.

Neil de la Flor

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