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In Event of Moon Disaster

Jordan Davis

                              for Clark Coolidge

When you run out of energy
On the best thought worst thought plan
Pack up your dictionary
And the mystery of song
And head for the magician's bungalow
Where he keeps your soda gong

Take a square or two of time coal
For the board to gasify
And watch the mile greenhorn a dial
From the safety of the lozenge ward

Record the sunrise broncs
In your onion book
While the black snake search
Takes an oblique swatch
Of the olive-loin trajectory
To feed the ounce code orange
Its tea half average

It is chokablock with kelp
And activity of honks

They serve "milk on the lob"
And "egg egg egg"

The price pin prince light
Comes over the scow mine
Iron flakes and immobile drops
The evening is a brief card game

When the tides are off
We will still have lexicons
And buttonholes

But the weather weight berry
And the origami ice neighbor
Will need new sorrows
To play the metal slinky
As it climbs down
The whole earth catalogue

That is where you come in

The cormorant the

Jordan Davis

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