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Lynn Behrendt

Go study Apollo with plants on your desk
study the aorta. Indians. Appalling missionaries
who gathered on the shores of islands.
Study the ankle, each nymph and node
ancestry, the text, bible, barometer,
Greek study mosaics baseball ancient battles
the noose Colorado colorblindness
economics French study St. Francis
the frail angels' faces
study the composites lined in blue
the fox fractions and decimal
study Freud free enterprise and
radical solutions to freeze-drying
study habitual planetary cycles
hierarchies hail rain sleet
Maximus study matrimony
the relations between
molecules moleskin and how it adheres
study the hand foam the lamp
study Dracula's lisp the hero's
oscillation each dossier he left under the bed
Eurydice power lawn mowers
the tip of an aerosol can
prophylactics the puzzling realism of ritual
real estate Catherine the decapitation
study inhibitions the bite Santa Fe
study Saturn rhyme the satyr
hemlock and octagons
study Cezanne her blue impeding on his palette
study the moon east Isis the north
study streets ebb deltoid
Delilah oxides the web
the rain is what I remember best.

Lynn Behrendt

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