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Working Stiff Cylinder

Denise Duhamel

I went to the main office to get the official code.
A secretary said to get the code I needed a company I.D.

I went to the personnel office to get a company I.D.
A secretary said to get an I.D. I needed to fill out Form F.

I went to pick up Form F in the basement.
A secretary said, “To get Form F, you need Form P signed by the boss.”

I went to the boss’s office on the top floor.
The boss said that I’d have to have Form P notarized before she could sign it.

I went to the notary in the company’s lobby.
He said, “I can’t notarize Form P until you get all the Xerox copies.”

The Xerox machine was broken, so I called the 800 number.
A technician refused to come, because I didn’t know the official code.

Denise Duhamel

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