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Denise Duhamel

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poems on pinwheels     poems on bowling balls
poems etched in spirally peeled apple skins
jump rope handle poems     telescope poems
poems on the lips of coffee cups
poems on steering wheels     poems on door jambs
cat paw poems     poems around electrical sockets
sterling sliver poems     sugar free poems
poems on the dividing lines of highways
poems on bra straps     cufflink poems     space shuttle poems
teakettles that whistle poems and steam
shampoo bottle poems     Crackerjack poems
free when you open a new checking account poems
teeth whitening poems     contact lens poems
instant poems—just add water
cereal box prize poems     Happy Meal poems—collect all four
poems on gas station receipts     passport poems     ticket stub poems
poems inside Pepsi lids     poems on bibs
low carb poems     vegan poems     fat-free poems
French couplet manicures     poems rated NC-17
easy listening poems     poems on teabags     cigarette poems
wash and wear poems     poems with extra calcium
poems with added pain relief     microwavable poems
bomber jacket poems     poems on ankle sock bands
Band-Aid poems     disposable razor poems
tractor poems     bicycle spoke poems     airline peanut poems
gravestone poems     urn poems     urinal poems     wrist watch poems
as-seen-on-TV poems     poems on the balls jugglers juggle
beer poems     soccer team poems
customized poems for the sides of yachts
elevator poems     cough drop poems
seed packet poems     poems on acupuncture needles
suntan lotion poems     matching towel poems
poems to stop that persistent itch

Denise Duhamel

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