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Unstar Saturn: Six Transposition Tales

Denise Duhamel

the hikers heard a shriek / the owlets threw in their towels/ the lisper understood
perils/ the lisper threw down his pliers /the vowels belonged to wolves / misled Riding
Hood smiled

the warden warned that / a bruise buries/ the luster of results / the course source /
trying to stifle itself

his antler was a rental/ an insult to the sunlit fawn / a hornet sat on her thrown /
making pleats in the petals / the petals were her staple / oh solemn melons / oh
solemn lemons / the drones snored

models seldom / strove voters / untidy in their nudity / to make a crusty curtsy

an anemic iceman / in an iceman cinema / nailed denial

the damsel won medals / pastel plates / a marble ramble / a lament for the mantle /
until the the ripest priest / decided to disbar her braids

Denise Duhamel

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