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Robinson Follows Robert's Rules of Order

Kathleen Rooney

The demanding man in the gray flannel suit leans across the table.

Commands: Laugh,

& they laugh.

Every time everyone's all in favor, including him, Robinson wants to reply not Aye

but: Nay!

Why? He doesn't know.

Tragedy ennobles. Comedy cuts down to size.

All in favor? Aye Aye Aye!

Parliamentary procedure! Toward what do you proceed?

Did anything worthwhile ever get done at a meeting?

This august institution….

These humans on the board…

Robinson jots inutile notes on a utilitarian pad:

History is history. It is not moving toward a particular goal


One has to have irony when dealing with ghosts


Poor people have bad haircuts & teeth & fat asses & bus passes, but we must love them anyway

Aye or nay? Aye or nay?

Has Robinson clawed his way to the top? Clawed his way to the middle?

Little shudder. This has to stop.

Does he hear a motion? a motion? a second? Another?

Let's break into small groups & save each other.

Kathleen Rooney

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