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a style of dress or conduct

Laine Ballard

november 10th she tells me gay men do hit on her sometimes
she holds both desires, boy and girl

i want to be both broken and healed

thoughts she had as i entered her front door on our first date:
please let there be an earthquake

how can love feel unique?
           the civilians say, “enjoy it while it lasts”
           the civilians say, “you’re not well”
           the civilians say, “it’s not real”

do you believe in one mate, one soul
a common word, event
her younger brother is at least one soul mate
the first time i hear him speak, i believe

she says i wasn’t as femme
the first night she eyed me, on halloween

what is too much
am i more than one soul, body, self, heart
break, heal, hold, spill

Laine Ballard

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