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William C. Williams,

Anna Elena Eyre

mean to give away secrets? explain mean to say? words pass through spines, not
pound’s gems. pin metal flags to mental lapels. one for another empirical piles imperial
umpire lead letter. Kora stolen. away to barren complacent. trickery. lead her discursive
absent presence omphalus. vacuum pulls in pits. rind empty of pulp is not the no thing
word/globes spin around. gravitate to words towards to wards. Kora orbits through line
struck between shell and blossom/eaten/decomposition. where ocean horizon dissolves
to sky sun severs decipher.


mean wobble a hung orange plucked and rolled a distressed path limit-less or spiral
X—explicative. juice trails stick the wash of seed pressed eyelids. lips on solid bar frame
disintegrate split. in the lift and set there are momentous. fold the moment. transfer us.
land forces a read not of sky (for storm or warmth) reed wind. lick fingers to current
and conduct flesh to charge static. what it is you are up to in circulation. alphabets bleed
formally blend one letter lend an other. wake distorts sleep sleep distorts wake wake
distorts sleep dis wake torts sleep. die starts solid liquid horizon.


Anna Elena Eyre

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