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Anna Elena Eyre

your new white shirt with black rabbit
                                                is stained red by small
cut flesh human /
                             tomato you look skin gutted / he knows
you’re in the stall
                             installing non-menstrual twat with cotton
tales and walks / in comes back
                                         with several more men / says this is the chance you’ve been
at before / you can’t get the red
                                         out and help / she says they’ll believe
anything you say
                      as long as you
                                         you stand by their side

bettertosay you did lockthedoor. mean to say that itwasthe bolt that undiditself.
boundin tights when you squatoverwhiteporcelain. difficult to waddle over to
latchintime to preventlollydaggers. badgers good to look guttedthen. the trick
isinthestance. theprecariousbalance of precocioustrust. if you remark occupied
theinwardpush will not beforced. and you plug up yourbloodypretense and wearraw
bunny that blendsin with red. anotherbackground. scenery he jokes thathe punched
someone inthe jugular andshould comment onthatinthe slash of wordsonpaper
paperonprinted. the risktaken you question if it wasawoman and the audience laughs.
whodoyou think iam he asks. a beast. why somuchtheless ifitwere a man. because i
was drunk headdson. you didn’t want toseduce but todefecate.

Anna Elena Eyre

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