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Girl of All Going
an orientation in 4 parts (part 2)

Jennifer Tamayo

( SA , TX )

         One little two little three
         little Indians four little
         five little six little
         Indians seven little
         eight little nine little
         Indians ten little
         Indians boys

kids as round as a sunlight and grass grass! grass! what is a grass Mr. Potato Head how I love you will let me play with you a little browning swan I am your mama we are the same color crayons and shavings roses unrolling in cyan and ivy and amber and yellow macaroni necklaces and big big big girl school so clean and so white like the biggest pearl I’ve ever seen and she puts pink eye shadow on me so I can look nice and be nice and also on the other kids she takes care of us all watches after us and in the pool pool what a pool what is a pool how nice to swim and they tell me these are floatys! floatys! I feel fancy and I go to school and the houses are carpeted and we eat soup. Carpeting! Carpeting! Carpeting cushy between my toes like little hairs beneath me like fuzzy heaven and then spinning round floaty boy knocks his teeth out at the grocery store was she watching him she should have been watching him his teeth scatter across the floor like Chiclets with red sauce he is toothless he is a toothless but more soup for him! no body’s mad Accident Accident Accidentes. Accidents? Accident Accident Accident = She doesn’t get fired not fired but then Mr. Potato head and pool and eye shadow and toothless and carpeting the light light light of San Antonio gone just like

Jennifer Tamayo

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