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Girl of All Going
an orientation in 4 parts (part 3)

Jennifer Tamayo

(P, R)

brown, pink spec gets bigger like breasts. Boobs. Tits. Breast. Boobs. Tits. Really just tits and the fat that grows around them. The women are big. The women are walking with the street and their cunts beneath all that fat and all that tit and if we go the beach. Maybe I wear a padded bra. A bra that will leak beach water and make me mermaid. I can be the most cute. I can eat the sand. I can’t drink the water. I’d like to go to the beach water. By the grave yard. The sand the moonlight. We speak in two and the brain swells with. I’ve been told all the language exists in one. My one is full now. My one is flesh now. I feel right in the place. We eat beans we eat beans we all eat beans but there is MTV and there is dancing and I am the most in between I’ve ever been and I can I give you this. Can I give you this? We are in uniform. Blue and yellow uniform the school a thought away from the reflection of her boobs in the mirror. In the water. In the beach water. Only Boobs. Not tits. Not tits yet. Boys and dancing and grinding and tilt your head for the kissing. Uniforms and walking down the street. And being a woman and trying to be a girl more and more and taking a bus and laughing and laughing and making a hideout in your second floor. I learn to you use your mouth for talking, for kissing, for correct answers, for eating and eating and not caring. I try to be a. I can have a. I light those candles I touch myself. The island is getting older because I am getting older. And suddenly the shit. The shit on my panties. NOT shit. I don’t tell SHE ( I already said this) and no more candles. No more witches. Only a fan in my face and singing at night and hearing a coqi like coqi and coqi and if you bring that coqi from the island it will die. It will die and don’t bring the coqi and finally. a breast! No, not a breast, a little tit. Kind of a tit and honking horning in the street and isn’t that nice and I got a nice honk. and his eyes were big. So we dance we dance like I know how and I whisper a song in your ear and its night and its hot and it’s so much night I am all in myself at once and I think you have feet and I have feet and I am swaning out of control my veins are throbbing and the bench and the night and my uniform at my knees and I kiss you. I kiss you, kiss you and I am a tit. A real reel tit.

Jennifer Tamayo

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