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There's a whole in the bucket, dear Liza.

Cati Porter

Chair, and not chair.
Shackles not unlike those that might be worn under house arrest.
And then. Yes.

Henry: Here is your Gordian Knot. Here is not the puzzle
but in fact is the solution
there, and under the weather.

Faulty, as in: you are not at fault; and, there is no shove in glove, sheathe
the wrong appendage and
the wrong appends itself like
a foot to a flower, a pot to a hoof.

Sweet like the butter she
was. Not-like, no, not like; Henry thinks
that the bucket represents the future
leaky irreparably
dumb as a clapper-less bell ringing in the new day.

What is there that he wants to want
when want is a wanton won ton
floating in a broth that is neither here, nor here.

There is no ‘she’ in sheet (a contradiction, a contra indication)
Henry thinks he may be free.
(hee hee hee)

One swift swipe and the rope will fall.
Miss ‘er, and the rope is all.

Cati Porter

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