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Waltz on Black Velvet

J. P. Dancing Bear

the whole night feels like it’s been painted on black velvet: you keep your coyote close: you dress in a white gown that makes you think of ghosts: it’s the flow of the thing: but you go with it: because part of it scares you: and you pull the red scarf to put the whole ensemble over the top: now you look ready for haunting: which again scares you: but you embrace fear: you put on a waltz: pull the frighten side of you closer: and dance: 1-2-3, 1-2-3: now you let the coyote off the leash: it goes to the darkest corner and howls: and you laugh, you laugh: right into the grinning face of fear

for Larissa Shmailo

J. P. Dancing Bear

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