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Pacific Horizon

J. P. Dancing Bears

we’d seen your boat upon the beach: and all day we’d been searching under sun: for some of us: we were looking forward to a chance to meet with you: others who shared their memories: wanted to talk to you again: some of us quoted your lines under the scant shade of palms: there was thirst upon our lips: yet we went on with our vigil: your lines were like cirrus clouds: they stayed in the sky for a long time: we gathered flowers to put in your boat: just so you’d know we were thinking of you: in case we missed you: but when we returned: only the impression in the sand was left of your craft: someone spotted it on the evening horizon: we could see it touching the sun: and I wondered as the sun took you with it: if anyone can be the same after that

for Craig Arnold

J. P. Dancing Bear

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