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NY Harbor Waters to Manatee

Tamiko Beyer

- October, 2009

winter’s just about here :: i feel the cool against surfaced maw :: yours :: and the muck below slows :: hear it? chatterbox crabs burrowing...

go south creature :: you’re headed wrong

mannahatta’s long gone :: no more beavers slap-dashering any more :: gone and gone :: they do alter like that :: take you to the brink and – :: your boat-scarred face and – :: sure flames never burst my back like the Cuyahoga out west I mean water catching on fire :: imagine that buddy! :: but still i stank :: all that clutter at my gut :: listen –

what heart here is manned? what harbor’s ever a place? :: no pity for this whole stupid crew

listen, the warm you loll in is fakery sham falsey runoff from the refinery :: soon i’ll crack at the edges :: slough-sluff of shoreline ice :: you’ve never heard such a sound before and i’ll kill you before you do :: that lettuce they dump in to sop up their guilt won’t feed you long enough :: i’m telling you :: the fact of wind and how it cuts their skin and they retreat...

sure you’ve gone farther north than this :: the blue blue up there filters summer sun sugar :: but change comes fast :: what’s wrong with your warm home :: shallows and frond floats and that balmy light at your back?

adventure over kid :: you may be a face but :: from here on out it’s all propeller :: all propeller no skin

Tamiko Beyer

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