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people insert keys

Joel Patton


People insert keys in the backs of words, and the words crawl. They clone themselves
like worker bees with fertile eggs. To no end. The words are prions. They are in
whatever they enter until it dies. Those words die with it, but how is one to tell which
words they were? Those words were like these words are.


I would like a knack. A techne, that sort of thing. A yen.

The officials are officious. Oafish. Offal. Off. Of.


No one is as much

interested in words

as things. Words

we all use. They are

as unimpressive as

plumbing an outbuilding or

shuffling a deck of cards.

            Making new

                         words is


            Using old

                         words is

                         what we do


Joel Patton

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