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House of Clothing

Alice B. Fogel

Because the house is another garment           attached but separate the darks
and lights the way you should             be with each other the house can relate
to the clothes hung up                                  about the closet the drying rack
you spread with shed layers           mood changes indecision first impressions
turned inside out into a more wrinkled                      desire for the former life
and movement of your own bodies          forms give them an escape a game
to play with hemming raw edges and closure gone 3D the house wonders if
you think you are what you are made of or what you make of that     or what
you take off last whether               you are alone or you are not your clothes
are bandages over your shame                      on you a shell a shield a wash
rinse spin together container and contained     reveal or conceal yourself you
should still remain                                                        loyal to one another
and your own identity     crisis with a citrus scent betrayed by doppelgangers
can’t mask the dampening of night         sweats and underthings get intimate
in the laundry basket nestling between your pants and your pants you press
bare skin to bare skin through the cycles      slough off all but the necessities
the essence of you and your clothes hamper yourselves in order to sort it all
out the clean                                                                   from the unclean

Alice B. Fogel

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