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House of Answers

What you never learn                  is that late in the night the house hosts flies
and bugs lightning and june biting                      and stinging things and calm

moths uncertain heart and dart              meet like guests on the painted walls
with their translucent greens                     and pale glistening blue their blind

wings and thousand                                      actual eyes see more than you
ever will spread their metallic bodies                                           and paper

the rooms with design you would never               believe one night they spell
in ancient runes Sanskrit rules another                  diagram in untranslatable

insect dialect all the positions                                          of the Kama Sutra
or transform the house                                                     into an aural sky

of constellations parallel male and female        universes read on cave walls
and closed lids                                                beam with meaning and you

asleep like drunken mystics dream      maps you never find routes you wish
you’d taken                                                              care to follow reason

out of context                the broken patterns fresh starts you need you peal
with laughter and forgiveness you don’t                remember in the morning

when you open                                                                     your mouths
and breathe in the dust fluttering from the walls and brush it from your eyes

Alice B. Fogel

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