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Glass Calliope

Carmen Giménez Smith

Classic myth is colossal ruse, the site
of Ponzi fraud. Please note how much it costs
to be muse: the toll of influence, cases and cases of mead,
full-body depilation and the most lavish immortality unguent.
I pay for affirmation from a woman in a white noise office
who guides me out of the untenable through behavior
modification. Yet I’m still only middle-management,
only a morsel of authority. My print is barely detectable
in the camber of the other’s prose for which
I gave my egos and my wits. I’m a nervous fiasco
if only to appear in your acknowledge.
To have one morsel of sanction, to breathe
even a mere molecule of the audience’s praise—
that might go over like lead shoes. Let it be.
Do you like that? I just made it up for you.

Carmen Giménez Smith

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