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Variation 2:  Interval

Alice B. Fogel

If in the temporal world

of the measure

of plenitude that spans

the vast interstice

hanging in the balance

between the invocation

and the prayer—O 

holiest interval—there

were no mercy and God

the invention said yes

I’m here, you rang

why tarry  Say

yes yes I am ready

Death is for being


with finitude:

If in the temporal plenitude

the measured world hung

in that vast spin  If in the world

of interstice measured in balanced spans

If in the hung invocation—O Lord—

/—O World!—the prayer were no mercy 

If God tarried in if  If in the unmeasurable interval

the holy plenitude of yes a merciful intervention

If God rang in the balance

between here and the holy

why why invoke the vast tally if

between ready and death God said yes

you prayerful span of being

I am done I am death

for finitude why say

if why is.

Alice B. Fogel

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