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$500,000 Policy

Aaron Anstett

Spend every cent on my final expenses:
fireworks and rock bands, one fur-lined coffin

for each card in my wallet, truckloads of snacks:
nacho chips and Chuckles, your Ring Dings and Corn Nuts.

Tattoo labels on my eyelids, one per:
Never Better or Miss You. Outline the skeleton

along my skin with black-light ink, Latin names
in cursive script. Finance a student film

of my libretto, contralto, from beyond the grave,
beyond the range of human hearing, twenty-four hours

of “Race car, race car, race car” backwards fast.
Fly a TV-special magician and whatever assistants

right here. Hire them at any cost to cut me in half
for real and make those pieces disappear.

Aaron Anstett

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