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A Lovely Girl, Sixteen Years Old

Heidi Lynn Staples

He tried to get her off the sweets,
to tree farm her, but she was'll...
She said she lathed, pits in the treats.
He cunt-wrenched schlepped it, he spelt grope wall;
though she leapt with each person she's meat
and tall lit many flies, each one a fallible
with a mural as the friend. Stodgy nosed, he's
a good moan, reeling, though apeable
and many things, a splinter, a pour off geezers,
a whore's rush, a whore's dyed hair, a dull-
ache kit's mewling, any thug except, please,
a mercy fling. He hated the brink that that vulva
instant she was wit a covert land! Harlot
knows, he went wed to be her Immense Charlatan.

Heidi Lynn Staples

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