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171. Illnesses

Anne Gorrick

                          When appetite is a form of loss
                          I am thick at her feet, separated from her charming features
                          Damage and humidity, pleasant and washed away
                          Trouble box. Illness is pulled up out of some common understanding
                          To be marked surely, largely disordered, humid
                          Opportunity, attractively, unhang like trousers, like asters
                          When illness excludes everyone, its treasure is the girl
                          who suffers his excess, is courageous
                          Concern fascinates the facts

The skin box is troublesome, pale, pulled thin
It separates her from her more enchanting characteristics
She disseminates clearly from an unusual toothache, hair disordered
Damage and humidity take bets on who will win her
who will smile in her place
Bright asters, trousered, cloaked
His eye is full of anxious discovery
in fact it charms her, his looking

                          The box of skin around her bothers him
                          When a girl directly apprehends her own hair
                          Pleasant, resplendent, approximately mordant
                          The lining of her coat, an earlobe: soft soft as some forms of chance
                          Her trousers shine, her coat made from asters
                          Especially leaves worry on it, colorless

Skin box, sour hymns
She ends here, pale, beyond this poem’s hazard
Waterlilies, appetite which both come to loss
A divination, a sign, one resplendent summary
mordant in her hands, wheat
Inside her: an atlas
inside chance, inside the bandage of a flag
Softly, softly the girl in trousers, an overcoat, the asters
Met in light, inside charm
in ore, vein, room
Place worries inside fact

                          The box of her skin made praise a sour song
                          The lily pond is irrevocable, our appetites thin
                          The danger of grasping directly and bending approximately
                          A rare badness of place, the disordered becomes stale
                          The damage of the thing
                          The kana outline, a mordant fortune telling

The white material of the letters “A” and “P”
a flag, a bandage, the whites of her eyes
In fear, in the painbox: nobility
Simultaneous the veins, the rooms, the ore, of this semantic woman
Certain: scream
Girl true, especially, very
and these people who finish her agony
who sing her sutras and when the clearness of her being
excludes their angular method
charmingly they write her into their rooms
Fast excessive, abundant, brave considerably: this is how it starts
Low end exposed, if place is sufficient, charm worries its edge

                          Completions depend upon the box of skin
                          He had the quality of grease on white skin
                          Separate from fascination, drawn aside
                          The disordered danger, the damage that is her
                          In the apprehension, the box of pain that is him:
                          Another semantic woman
                          Dogs and things visited each other dangerously
                          People finished in anguish, the girl
                          the delay of the sutra’s will
                          The charm that writes, that came into her room
                          astonishes: fast, excessively, abundantly
                          The worried edge of her that looks like charm

The box of skin formed a sour song around the brain
Danger dilutes the morning
A possible you examines the lily pond for asters
Appetite populates everyone
If the girl, then A, furnished approximately
She separates from her own fascination
An etching agent, a character
Girl: really, particularly, very much and these people
set into the agony of sheets
She distributes herself by angular, dangerous means
The ratio of clarity to charm
The end is dangerous and puts out
When the place is gold, facts sufficient, edges ensured
She is charm found in aster regard

                          The song shaped sourly by her skin
                          Separate freedom from good
                          Infrequent terms exceed significance
                          The thing, the clue to characterize hindrance
                          More charm of a girl in trousers, in asters
                          in the intelligent box of his pain
                          The him is complete, there is even distress in the leaves
                          He distributes himself into charm

The song forms acidly around her skin
The danger extracted from morning
Illness as a separation from the charm that sketches her outline
This mineral thing as a woman, an intelligent box of pain
The sutras of her will
When for this the gold of places

                          When praise makes song out of acid
                          it is clear and unique what good is
                          The rare badness of the place is true
                          The flag links to the eye, the internal atlas
                          When light is chance, another semantic woman
                          The unbearable pain assigns higher, leaves out everything, delays any sutra
                          Vast charm writes into the space that was her
                          her edge worried into charm

Anne Gorrick

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