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A Model Year (Part 5 of 5)

Gina Myers

The shattering of everything has become a way
of life. The ground shifts, no one notices.

It's wrong to make either one of us out as criminals.
It's wrong to fill this longing with a haircut

& new shoes. Wrong when we run into each other
on the street to pretend no hurt exists or offer

a casual hello. There are no rules, no guide
to get through the day. Always wanting

what we can't have, the attempts
to make sense of it have failed.

Days progress & add up & the calendar changes.
We pour a new cup of coffee, cover ourselves

with new blankets, separately. The sun shifts
through the window & the cat sleeps, his leg twitches.

It's easy to close my eyes & think of falling. Easy to feel
the body collapse on the bed, the mattress rushing to meet you.

Gina Myers

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