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Cynthia Arrieu-King

Or saw the skirt covered in sailboats. The window, a blank view filled
with exactly what she didn't know she wanted.

She knew what she had to have. A potential lover wrote;
I wear glasses. I don't eat pork. And I am very short?

leading her to a temporary insanity that the voice
she'd fallen in love with belonged to a dwarf.

Once in a while, the glib can't out-perform wishes —
description always phones in with blabber. Abides,

then hones in. But she invented nature from what she heard
and a window where she knows what she saw

better than grit mopped out of
the floor. Same. The price didn't matter.

A grip of love and need so soon, and a
fear of Christmas, too late. Price doesn't matter.

Red gingham or interrupt,
or delight abrupt

always homes with a thing behind a fence.
She saw cost so often she forgot its name.

Cynthia Arrieu-King

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