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Myths About Certainty

Robyn Art

1. The ring slides back on the finger. 2. The house of the body is love. 3.The deposit on
the hall is refundable. 4. Waterproof means won’t get wet. 5. All doctors are alike.
6. The tap water is safe. 7. No news is good news. 8. The body is love’s regret. 9. A cycle
is twenty-eight days. 10. More about regret. 11. Flame-retardant means won’t catch fire.
12. I will always love you, etc. 13. The ventilation system is adequate. 14. Shakespeare
was a) Marlowe b) an asshole c) the artist formerly known as Prince. 15. Rug burn is a
necessary evil. 16. The ring can be resized. 17. The flotation device will save us.
18. These lines are for office use only. 19. The treatment won’t leave scars. 20. Courtesy
is contagious. 21. The test results are valid. 22. Gone means might come back.

Robyn Art

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