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Epistolary Blogpoem

Elisa Gabbert

Thanks for sending the engine. Wasn't sure
how to use it, I think I spontaneously combusted.
That link was awesome, after I clicked on it
I couldn't see or smell anything for 15 minutes.
Also thanks for the thumbnails. I like the part
where the ocean gets tiny. My coworkers
really loved the video of Patty Hearst and
one of them got fired. Thanks for the Google
Maps API. I designed a zero-sum cosmos
so when my page views go up your fruit punch
tastes worse. Thanks for forwarding the message
from your dad, for a second there I totally forgot
I existed. And thanks for telling me about that
contest. That night I had this dream where
it was so cold in the woods I had to crawl inside
a dead stag. Remind me to show you how I turned
Shakespeare's tragedies into Power Point slides.
Thanks for sending me your manuscript. Your talk
was sold out so I went to the park and gave
all my money to a stranger and caught up
with a swarm of bees and got some good ideas
for the epilogue to my murder-suicide.

Elisa Gabbert

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