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Kate Schapira

The countersign, the heat as if you had a lot of spit
in your mouth. You lump it. Your mission takes you
to the rows, but watching March of the Penguins on
DVD you are more impressed with birds
and mammals. The noises they make in their
mouths are covered by music.

In the even more alien complicated brand-
new crops, make assumptions about
pulchritude in corn, what makes it blond
and ripe before it can say, My child was
picked, and I’m overtaken
. Keening requires
you to deal with it, you engendered it, you recognize
alleles when no one else does. User of obsolete
designations: electrophoresis, birds.

You continue to call in the same debts. C’mere
honey let me punctuate your equilibrium.

You’re in correspondence, in criminal
conversation, in compromise and position. Transposons
are an offense against property. A candy
dish of genes in foil and how well
we understand them.

Kate Schapira

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